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BCEU’14 Amsterdam

Jueves, 3 de Julio, 2014

Metamorphosis - Art of Blythe

Miércoles, 25 de Septiembre, 2013

“Metamorphosis- Art of Blythe-” is a new photo book that showcases a global cast of artists who use Blythe as their muse and canvas. A total of 19 artist from around the world were chosen by Blythe Creative Producer, Mrs. Junko Wong to participate in this special project. Each artist uses Blythe as the base to make beautiful transformations into works of art.Each section goes in depth with the individual artists with captions about each image. In addition to that, there is a special Q & A section with each artist where they share their stories about their creations and love of Blythe. With “Metamorphosis- Art of Blythe-” you will see the many ways our favorite muse of Blythe is transformed by the talented hands of international artists. It’s a microcosm of fantasy, beauty, and innovation.

Participating Artists
Junie Moon, ouioui, Tokyo Rose Eric, Odani Miyuki, Leonidas, kobana_sweet_graphic, Jodie♥dolls, Stable House, Melacacia, Hola Gominola, My Delicious Bliss, Mab Graves, haco. , Mitsubachi @ BabyBee, *Soleil*, G.Baby, Rougedolls, kinokotti, Erregiro

Artist portrait, custom Blythe doll photos, artist profiles, interviews, caption descriptions, and afterward written by Mrs. Junko Wong.

* Text in Japanese only. Introduction and afterword in both English and Japanese.

Junie Moon, Official Shop

Handpainted bags for BCEU

Jueves, 27 de Junio, 2013

BCEU gominola dolls

Jueves, 20 de Junio, 2013

Gallery B :: Barcelona 2013

Miércoles, 15 de Mayo, 2013

BlytheCon Barcelona 2013

Miércoles, 27 de Marzo, 2013

Mirinda is my contribution to the BlytheCon Europe Barcelona raffle that will be taking part in June 29th. The base doll, a PD Aubrey with awesome hair, was donated by Tibiloo. MforMonkey will dress Mirinda with her magical hands and there will be knitted accesories by Tibi too.

Good luck everybody!


Mirinda es mi aportación a la rifa que tendrá lugar en el BlytheCon Europe Barcelona el 29 de Junio. La muñeca base, una PM Aubrey con un pelo increíble, ha sido donada por Tibiloo. MforMonkey la vestirá con sus mágicas manos y también tendremos accesorios de punto gracias a Tibi.

Buena suerte a todos!


More pictures of Mirinda HERE.


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