• Where do you announce your available dolls?

I use Instagram, all the info is in the captions there.


• How can I adopt a doll?

My available dolls will be listed on this website with all the requirements and details. If I use other methods I will let you know in advance on Instagram.


• Where do I contact you?

The best way is via email or Instagram. I hardly ever use facebook, so it’s difficult to reach me there.


• Do you accept layaways?

I do sometimes, it will be detailed on the listings.


• Do you accept commissions for dolls?

I don’t have a waitlist anymore, but if you have a special project we can always talk about it. Take in mind that the prices are similar in any case, adoptions or commissions. I don’t accept trades at the moment though.


• Do you accept commissions for drawings and illustrations?

Depending on my schedule, ask away!